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pngegg (20)

"My son has been taking art classes at this studio and he loves it. He did group lessons first, then a 3-day camp. They learned different techniques and Jasmin always had fun projects for the kids to do. I absolutely recommend this studio."

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- Kity

"My kids loved the summer art camp with Mrs. Jasmin. It was so convenient for me to have her in our neighborhood, and they were so excited and inspired every day. Thank you so much! We will be back!"

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- Lucy

"Jasmin from Fancy Pencils has been working with my daughter for 4 months. Her teaching is passionate and individual for each child. Besides bringing beautiful pictures home, her handwriting and speed of writing has improved. An unknown but very pleasant effect. I can only recommend Fancy Pencils, especially when your child doesn't feel comfortable in larger classes."

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- Ariana

"I love Fancy Pencils! What a great way to inspire creativity in kids and adults! Jasmin is patient and she encourages individual growth. She guides and demonstrates various techniques in her sessions whilst encouraging self-exploration in her myriad of tools! Highly recommended for those who miss art and for those who are interested in learning something new in their spare time."

pngegg (21).png
- Audrey

"It is a great place our community needs! Great kids' art classes – the artwork is awesome too. I absolutely love Fancy Pencils. Thank you for the first session, Jasmin. My girl had a blast and was so nervous in the beginning."

pngegg (21).png
- Cecil

"Fancy Pencils is bursting with creativity and fun for kids. It is a "Neighborhood Art Space" that cared about the kids, their creativity and imagination. The studio is beautiful! We will definitely come back!"

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- Jessica

"Fancy Pencils is a wonderful offering for kids who enjoy painting and drawing. Due to the small classes or mostly private classes, every child gets proper attention, and you see the progress in their skills every week. My son especially enjoys the special events, like Glow Night. What an experience for the kids to work with glowing colors in black light. Very unique and exciting. Thank you, Jasmin!"

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- Madeline

"Our daughter has been taking art lessons from Jasmin for about 8 months and she loves it!!! These classes have not only improved her art skills and her creativity but, it has also helped with her confidence as well. I often hear tons of laughter and compliments between Jasmin and our daughter and after each class, she is super excited to “show off” her art! Jasmin has even made numerous special projects at our daughter's request because she loves to give them as gifts to friends and family! We highly recommend Fancy Pencils!!!"

pngegg (21).png
- Teri
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