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Child is painting and having fun
Colored Pencils

Private Art Classes


Fancy Pencils specializes in a range of art programs

From Private Lessons to Camps, Workshops, and Homeschool Classes. Each is designed to suit the unique needs of different groups – whether it's homeschool families seeking a comprehensive art curriculum, friends looking for a creative outlet, or siblings ready to embark on a shared artistic adventure. My programs provide a structured yet flexible art experience, perfect for all little ones who wish to explore their creative side.

Whether your children are art enthusiasts eager for more, or you're seeking to enrich their schedule with structured art time without the hassle of leading the lessons yourself, my offerings are designed to delight. Mrs. Jasmin personally teaches one or two children aged 5 and above at a time, and organizes group activities for up to four children during summer camps, educational art sessions, workshops, and homeschool classes.

Draw, Paint, Explore & Create!

Soft Pastels

Enroll in my private lessons and classes to spark creativity in your young ones today!

For any questions, feel free to reach out at or give Mrs. Jasmin a call at 248.252.5227.

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