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Fancy Pencils

Fancy Pencils

Draw, Paint, Explore & Create

Private Lessons, Camps, Private Workshops, and Supplemental Homeschool Art for Elementary Kids

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Fancy Pencils Kids Art Studio

A modern and cozy art studio nestled in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Here, we ignite the creative spark in children within a fun, welcoming, and inspiring atmosphere. My studio is a place where kids can freely explore art, grow in confidence, and build self-esteem — all in a non-competitive setting.

We offer a unique art experience for groups of 1-3 elementary-aged children, from 5-12 years old. In my safe, open environment, kids are encouraged to express themselves, embrace mistakes, discover new perspectives, and take pride in their achievements.

My private lessons are available all year round, tailored to each child’s needs. After discussing your child’s learning goals with Mrs. Jasmin, we craft a personalized curriculum that reflects their age, experience, and creative ambitions.

fancy pencil

"Children are naturally creative. It is our job to give them the freedom, materials & space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential."

My Popular Classes

Private Lessons, Camps, Private Workshops, Small Classes, and Supplemental Homeschool Art for Elementary Kids

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Homeschool Families

Enhance your homeschool curriculum with my art classes!

Designed for up to 3 children, my homeschool sessions offer a vibrant atmosphere perfect for art discovery and enjoyment. Tailored for kids seeking a weekly art adventure, these classes introduce new techniques and fun facts about famous artists.

Whether your little ones can't get enough art, or you are looking to add a dedicated art time without worrying about teaching them yourself - you'll love it! The kids will be sent home with a smile on their faces and a masterpiece for you to hang up.

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fancy pencil

What People Are Saying

"I love Fancy Pencils! What a great way to inspire creativity in kids and adults! Jasmin is patient and she encourages individual growth. She guides and demonstrates various techniques in her sessions whilst encouraging self-exploration in her myriad of tools! Highly recommended for those who miss art and for those who are interested in learning something new in their spare time."

— Audrey

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